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Start & Run a Rural Computer Consulting Business (Start & Run a)

John D. Deans. Start & Run a Rural Computer Consulting Business (Start & Run a) Authors:John D. Deans.
Price:2171 rub.

Book Summary:
* Enjoy a small-town lifestyle while working with computers * Create a successful business plan geared for rural computer consulting * Learn to start & run a successful business based in a small town This book is a step-by-step guide for the IT professional working a high-stress job who dreams about moving out of the city, but still wants to make a living working with computers. It can be done! This is exactly what author John Deans did in 1999 when he left one of Houston's most successful IT companies, moved his family to rural Texas, and started a home-based computer consulting firm. Small towns are a relatively new niche for computer consultants, but they offer ample opportunity for starting a successful small business. To excel in this environment, you must become a jack-of-all-computer-trades and enjoy working closely with many clients every day. Owning your own business in a rural environment that may be unfamiliar to you presents challenges -- but the rewards...

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