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Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers, Book and CD-Rom (5th Edition)

Kip Irvine. Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers, Book and CD-Rom (5th Edition) Authors:Kip Irvine.
Price:14373 rub.

Book Summary:
This widely used, fully updated assembly language book provides basic information for the beginning programmer interested in computer architecture, operating systems, hardware manipulation, and compiler writing. Uses the Intel IA-32 processor family as its base, showing how to program for Windows and DOS. Is written in a clear and straightforward manner for high readability. Includes a companion CD-ROM with all sample programs, and MicrosoftA Macro Assembler Version 8, along with an extensive companion Website maintained by the author. Covers machine architecture, processor architecture, assembly language fundamentals, data transfer, addressing and arithmetic, procedures, conditional processing, integer arithmetic, strings and arrays, structures and macros, 32-bit Windows programming, language interface, disk fundamentals, BIOS-level programming, MS-DOS programming, floating-point programming, and IA-32 instruction encoding. For embedded...

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