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Electric Dreams: Computers in American Culture

Ted Friedman. Electric Dreams: Computers in American Culture Authors:Ted Friedman.
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Book Summary:
Book Description "Electric Dreams" is at once a synthetic history of the personal computer, a history of representations of the computer, and a treatise on how to think about computing as a cultural phenomenon. Friedman's original analyses and clear style make the book a pleasure to read." ?Jonathan Sterne, author of The Audible Past: Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction Electric Dreams turns to the past to trace the cultural history of computers. Ted Friedman charts the struggles fo define the meanings of these powerful machines over more than a century, from the failure of Charles Babbage's "difference engine" in the nineteenth century to contemporary struggles over file swapping, open source software, and thefuture of online journalism. To reveal the hopes and fears inspired by computers, Electric Dreams examines a wide range of texts, including films, advertisements, novels, magazines, computer games, blogs, and even operating...

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