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The Computer Industry (Emerging Industries in the United States)

Jeffrey R. Yost. The Computer Industry (Emerging Industries in the United States) Authors:Jeffrey R. Yost.
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Book Summary:
Book DescriptionOriginally a military and scientific computational tool of a small number of government, scientific, and corporate elites in the late 1940s, the computer has evolved significantly in less than seventy years to become a revolutionary technology and the basis for one the largest industries in America. The Internet, email and personal computer have become necessities in most offices and college dorm rooms and many homes. Narrative chapters trace the emergence and development of the computer industry in the United States as seen in the economic, historical, and social context of its times from the early twentieth century to the present. From punched cards and tabulating machines to the first digital computer companies in the early 1950s, Yostclearly describes how the concept of the computer was born in the late 1800s but did not evolve into the personal computer until the late 1970s and 1980s. The computer has emerged from a relatively narrow scientific computational...

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