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Testing Computer Software

Cem Kaner, Jack Falk, Hung Quoc Nguyen. Testing Computer Software Authors:Cem Kaner, Jack Falk, Hung Quoc Nguyen.
Publisher:John Wiley and Sons, Ltd
Price:3343.2 rub.

Book Summary:
This book will teach you how to test computer software under real-world conditions. The authors have all been test managers and software development managers at well-known Silicon Valley software companies. Successful consumer software companies have learned how to produce high-quality products under tight time and budget constraints. The book explains the testing side of that success. Who this book is for: Testers and Test Managers; Project Managers-Understand the timeline, depth of investigation, and quality of communication to hold testers accountable for; Programmers-Gain insight into the sources of errors in your code, understand what tests your work will have to pass, and why testers do the things they do; Students-Train for an entry-level position in software development. What you will learn: How to find important bugs quickly; How to describe software errors clearly; ...

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