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Desktop Witness: The Do's & Don'ts of Personal Computer Security

Michael A. Caloyannides. Desktop Witness: The Do's & Don'ts of Personal Computer Security Authors:Michael A. Caloyannides.
Price:9115.2 rub.

Book Summary:
Do you trust your computer? You shouldn't. Personal computers are now part of the furniture in homes around the world. We use them for generating, storing and communicating documents and images; we talk to friends and family via email andsurf the Web without giving too much thought to the security of our personal information. Unfortunately hacking and computer security are issues which affect all computer users, not just big corporations. What is a desktop witness? Your computer stores a record of every document you create, every e-mail you write or receive, which sites you visit on the Internet, even attachments which you don't open. An unattended computer may reveal your secrets if you leave security vulnerabilities unattended to. It may 'let in' outsiders through your IR port. It 'whispers' behind your back when you are online. Detectable radiation gives away the contents of your screen. Eavesdroppers can hear conversations through your...

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