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Learning With Computers Level 1

Diana Trabel. Learning With Computers Level 1 Authors:Diana Trabel.
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Book Summary:
South-Western's Learning With Computers Levels K-5 is a series of project-based keyboarding books that teach and reinforce computer application skills to elementary students. This series covers the computer literacy skills established by the National Educational Technology Standards or NETS. Students learn to use a word processor, the Internet, graphics and presentation, spreadsheet, and database software while integrating core-curriculum skills of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Additional cross-curricular activities to reinforce the computer skills taught are available at the end of each of the projects. Learning with Computers Level 1 builds on the computer awareness skills introduced in the Level K book. Students gain more proficiency in keyboarding skills as additional key reaches are introduced. Awareness skills introduced include: using Save As, inserting clip art, centering text, identify and use draw tools in drawing software, and more! This...

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