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Advanced Computer System Design

George W. Zobrist, Kallol Bagchi, Kishor Trivedi. Advanced Computer System Design Authors:George W. Zobrist, Kallol Bagchi, Kishor Trivedi.
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Book Summary:
This text focuses on the major issues involved in computer design and architectures. Dealing primarily with systems and applications as related to advanced computer system design, it provides tutorials and surveys and relates new important research results. The intent is to provide a set of tools based on current research that will enable readers to overcome difficulties with the design and construction of advanced computer systems. Each chapter provides background information, describes and analyzes important work done in the field and provides important direction to the reader on future work and further readings. This book may be purchased as a set with its companion volume, Advanced Computer Performance Modeling and Simulation, edited by Kallol Bagchi, Jean Walrand and George Zobrist. Selected Contents: Performance Modeling of a Multithreaded Processor Spectrum Performance Prediction of Parallel Systems An Integrated Approach of Performance Prediction on Networks of Workstat

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