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Cyclic and Computer Generated Designs, Second Edition

J. A. John, Williams E. R. Cyclic and Computer Generated Designs, Second Edition Authors:J. A. John, Williams E. R.
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Book Summary:
Cyclic and Computer Generated Designs is a much-expanded and updated version of the well-received monograph, Cyclic Designs . The book is primarily concerned with the construction and analysis of designs with a number of different blocking structures, such as revolvable designs, row-column designs, and Latinized designs. It describes how appropriate and efficient designs can be constructed through the use of cyclic methods and recently developed computer algorithms. In this new edition, a greater emphasis is given to the construction and properties of resolvable block and row-column designs.A general theory for single, fractional and multiple replicate factorial designs is presented. Cyclic methods are used to construct most of these designs. Some new work on the use of computer algorithms for setting out factorial experiments in row-column designs is described.All the designs discussed can be analyzed using the generalized least squares theory given in the book. Two experiments, with...

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