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The User Friendly Guide to Internet & Computer Terms

Charles Steed. The User Friendly Guide to Internet & Computer Terms Authors:Charles Steed.
Price:2380 rub.

Book Summary:
The User Friendly Guide to Internet & Computer Terms is really three books in one. First, there is a comprehensive glossary of more than 1,250 contemporary computer and Internet terms explained in easy to understand language. There are more than 60 illustrations so readers can have a better understanding of particular words. In the second section of the book there are articles on, How to Shop for a Computer, The History of the Internet, The Scoop on investing online, online travel, Cyber shopping, Avoiding Internet Frauds and scams, eCommerce, Search Engine tips, Special key functions and more. There's also a section for fun stuff like finding Easter eggs in programs and Websites (Easter Eggs are little surprises programmed into some software applications and Websites that are fun to track down), a huge list of smiley's and chat acronyms and more. Finally, there's a huge section with more than 150 computer & Internet tips and tricks covering everything from file management,...

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