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Byte Me! : Hayduke's Guide To Computer-Generated Revenge

George Hayduke. Byte Me! : Hayduke's Guide To Computer-Generated Revenge Authors:George Hayduke.
Price:2250 rub.

Book Summary:
Need to get even in the computer age? Just say Byte Me! Turn your mark into roadkill on the Information Superhighway with this hilarious guide from revenge master George Hayduke, the man who put the URL in HURL! Log in to a place where the unwitting object of your ire finds his own computers, fax machines and phones turned against him. From sneaky little annoyances to major meltdowns, Byte Me! has dozens of tried and true (and evilly entertaining) ways to even the score. Learn how to cover your electronic tracks and find all the cybersources you'll need to pull off your humorous Haydukery. Show your enemies that when revenge is computer-generated, the mouse is mightier than the rat! For entertainment purposes only!

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