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Webster's New World Computer Dictionary, Tenth Edition

Bryan Pfaffenberger, Bryan Pfaffenberger. Webster's New World Computer Dictionary, Tenth Edition Authors:Bryan Pfaffenberger, Bryan Pfaffenberger.
Price:5391 rub.

Book Summary:
Comprehensive, authoritative ? and user-friendly! Whether you?re a computer novice or a computer professional, Webster?s New World Computer Dictionary is one of the most useful references you can buy. It gives you clear and concise definitions for more than 4,750 up-to-date computer terms, including 250 that are completely new to this edition. You?ll find current coverage of the latest standards and protocols in storage, memory, peripherals, and more?plus updated and expanded information on computer security, legislation, and computer and Internet technology. Cross-referencing throughout directs you effortlessly to related terms and concepts that help you understand more about a given subject and put it into alarger context. From using e-mail and going on the Internet (attachment, computer virus, cookie, shopping cart) to buying or upgrading a computer (Ethernet, G4, Pentium 4, SDRAM) to boning up on terminology for a computer...

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