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Computer Technology and Social Issues

G. David Garson. Computer Technology and Social Issues Authors:G. David Garson.
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Book Summary:
Interconnected political, economic. Social and human factors are paramount in determining the success of information technology. As global economic competition has become ever more important, the social issues of computing combine to make public policymaking more urgent in computer-related domains. Though often perceived in purely technological terms, when it comes to computing, political issues are pervasive. The book starts by examining charges that computing threatens democratic values. Is computing creating a technological elite? Does it foster dehumanization and a de-skilled workforce? And what of the opposite claim that computing will foster a new era of electronic democracy--a network nation in which participatory team approaches and electronic civic democracy displace hierarchical models of the past? Empirical data and case studies on both sides of these and other related questions are examined from a social science viewpoint. Subsequent chapters deal with computing as...

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